New to SCRLC?

 New to SCRLC

Good day! Welcome to the community of library staff working within the 14 counties and 10,000 square miles of the South Central Regional Library Council region! In that you are new to the region, we thought it would be useful to put together information to help you network with your colleagues in the 75+ area libraries, library systems, and cultural organizations. We hope that you'll explore the website, but you may want to start here.


If you are an employee of one of our members you are considered a SCRLC member.


SCRLC offers services that are useful for all types of libraries.


There are often opportunities to join the six advisory committees supporting the programs. Awareness & Advocacy, Digitization, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice & Accessbility (DEIJA), Educational Services, Hospital Library Services Program, Information Technology and Services, and Resource Sharing. Serving on an advisory committee is voluntary and very rewarding. Through participation, you will experience excellent networking opportunities while impacting regional and statewide programs, service, and policies. When you are ready, contact Mary-Carol Lindbloom at or 607-273-9106 x203.


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