Navigating the New Normal: Emotionally Adjusting to Pandemic Re-entry

Jul 2, 2021, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

In this workshop, we'll take a deep breath and gently explore the fact that it will "never be 2019" again. What impact does this new reality have on how we work, live, play, and dream? Assuming that the "old 2019 ways of working" will eventually return is usually a set-up for undue stress-yet there are powerful reasons that we cling to the past while ignoring current realities. The only permanence we find is indeed impermanence.
For many of us, the multiple unknowns and interpretations, conflicting information about COVID-19 and its impacts, can cause stress and/or anxiety. Whether through enhancing resiliency, building new coping mechanisms, or leading the workforce of tomorrow, many of us "rallied," but may still be left feeling fatigued, exhausted, and/or ambivalent. And some of us are tired of being told we need to be "resilient." What's a busy, often overtasked employee to do?

Since we cannot go backward nor forward, the power of "right now" has never been more important for leaders at this moment in time.

Learning objectives of this interactive course are as follows:  
(a) Participants will gain increased confidence and skill in "navigating the new normal," during this particular moment in time;

(b) Through an effective set of mindfulness-based questions and gentle inquiry, workshop participants will gain a more robust understanding of how the body and mind react to stress and change and learn ways to re-train the mind related to thoughts and the stress our minds can create for us as we adjust to pandemic re-entry;  

(c) An exploration of the benefits and deficits of nostalgia will be explored; and

(d) Best practices will be offered to look at what this "new normal" will mean for individuals, teams, workplaces, and societies. A variety of prompts, break-out sessions, discussions, and interactive activities will allow for building a mindful approach to managing stress, change, differences, challenges, and opportunities in this "new normal" as together, we prepare ourselves and our teams for pandemic re-entry.

Outcomes/Take-Aways –
• More confidence in navigating stress, change, and difficulties in the "new normal."
• Increased understanding of the impact of stress, runaway thoughts, and tension on the body, mind, and spirit and ways to interrupt stressful patterns.
• Ability to identify best practices for reducing stress and anxiety in the face of impermanence and navigating "return to work" scenarios. 


Bio: Michelle Courtney Berry is an expert in marketing, brand management, organizational communication, and the science behind creating mindful workplaces. Internationally recognized as a meditation teacher, workplace wellness consultant, and inspirational health and wellness evangelist, Michelle is a highly regarded expert on the psychology of workplace behavior and its impact on employee retention, image, and your bottom line. Her track record of success spans over 20 years of deep experience helping visionaries lead happier, healthier, more productive lives. From speaking to training to coaching, performing, and writing, Michelle has impacted over 350,000 people worldwide. In so doing, she's collaborated with some of the world's top business leaders, athletes, entertainers, corporations, start-ups, and nonprofits. Michelle has taught communications to undergraduate and graduate students at some of our nation's leading community colleges, colleges, and universities. She holds a graduate degree in Organizational/Risk Communication from Cornell University and has been a 2x SWSW and 2x TEDx speaker who has spoken over 4,500 times since 1990. Find out more at:



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