May 15, 2020
Cheery Friday Greetings,
Today we have moved from NYS on PAUSE to New York Forward. Traffic in my neighborhood seems to be nearly at a pre-PAUSE level. Although people are more "out and about," we still need to continue social distancing and wearing a mask-primarily to protect others-and as the Governor says, to follow the science, data, and metrics. Today he indicated that cases will increase but that they want to keep hospitalizations to under 2 per 100K residents. Still, for people who are COVID-19 symptomatic, it is a horrible experience whether or not they require hospitalization. Initially it was thought to spare children-and now some are dying from Kawasaki-like disease or toxic shock syndrome related to C-19. The Governor reiterated the importance of social distancing and face masks just today. We wear masks to protect each other.
The Governor's office has now posted a listing of which industries can reopen, when. As you know, libraries were not specifically mentioned; initially we thought we'd fall into Phase 2 or 4. Some libraries in the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes Economic Development Regions are being asked to reopen in Phase 1, starting with curbside services. Reopening procedures for many of us are still under development; it is worrisome that some may reopen without having them in place. There is still so much we are learning about this virus.
Brian Hildreth and his team at Southern Tier Library System have developed an excellent reopening resource, STLS Guidance and Considerations for Reopening. It is publicly available and is useful to libraries of all types and historical organizations, as well.
This afternoon, some of the New York Alliance of Library System directors attended a webinar on COVID-19 and workplace safety presented by Nellie Brown, the Director of Workplace Health and Safety Programs at the Worker Institute at Cornell University's School of Industrial and Labor Relations. It was such an excellent program that Sarah Glogowski, Executive Director of Finger Lakes Library System, and I immediately booked her to do the same webinar for our member libraries and organizations. It will be held on March 27at 10 a.m.-- be on the lookout for registration information early in the week!
Have a nice weekend and please stay safe.
Yours in partnership,
Mary-Carol Lindbloom
Executive Director
A Checkup Survey
We would like to hear more about how you are doing with this new reality. Here is a quick survey checkup to find out more about your current challenges and comforts and what we can be doing to help. Thanks in advance for your responses.
Zoom Meetups
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Member Status Updates
Check on the status of other organization's and update your own on this Google Sheet.
Recently added titles to NYS Historic Newspapers in the South Central region:
OCLC, IMLS, and Battelle COVID-19 Research Partnership update: REALM Project site launches
REopening Archives, Libraries and Museums (REALM) is a research partnership between OCLC, the Institute of Museum and Library Services, and Battelle to create and distribute science-based information and recommended practices designed to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 to staff and visitors who are engaging in the delivery or use of museum, library, and archival services. 
Visit for more information on the project, research timeline, and committee members. Project updates and resources will be added to this information hub as they become available.
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Send a request to for access to online classes in design, business, technology, photography, entrepreneurship, film and writing through Skillshare.
A free instructional design training program available through WebJunction to enable library workers to transfer their in-person teaching skills to the online environment. The 7 modules include: Orientation, Foundation, Diversity, Community, Content Creation, Course Management, & Capstone. 
D4L was developed in partnership among the South Central Regional Library Council, Syracuse University's School of Information Studies, and the Empire State Library Network. It was funded in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS). 
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