Jan 24, 2020
Julia Corrice to Join the Staff of Cornell University Library
Julia has accepted a position at Cornell University Library as a metadata librarian. It is a wonderful opportunity for her, but we are going to miss working with her at the Council, as will many of you.
During her 5 years at SCRLC, Julia has been responsible for many cultural heritage members and public libraries joining the Council to participate in New York Heritage and NYS Historic Newspapers. She has taken the digitization program to new heights not only in terms of participants, but in the quality and consistency of our records in New York Heritage.
Julia plans to remain involved with the Council--particularly in the area of digitization/Digitization Advisory Committee, so you have not seen the last of her!
Julia will be at the Council through March 10. If you are working on a digitization project, she will be in touch with you. Uploads into New York Heritage will continue throughout this period of transition.
Davis College Downsizing
by Shelley Byron, Director of Library Services at Davis College
In November 2018, a colleague and I were in Philadelphia attending the Middle States Commission on Higher Education's (MSCHE) 2020 Self Study Institute. As Self Study co-chairs, we spent a few happy evenings eating tacos and cheesesteaks, excited to play guiding roles in the future of Davis College. But by the end of January 2019, the future of Davis College was looking like nothing my colleague or I had imagined weeks earlier.
As the spring 2019 semester started, a buyer was found for the campus at 400 Riverside Drive in Johnson City, since the main campus would be relocated to Pottersville, NY. All employees in student affairs, student development, athletics, admissions, and enrollment management were laid off the week after Graduation 2019, with more layoffs occurring throughout May and June. Others left as opportunities came along. For the 19-20 academic year, Davis College moved to another Davis-owned property a few blocks away from the main campus. The buildings on the main property have been emptied, and sale of the property closed in December 2019.
I am one of five full-time employees at this smaller campus. We have a classroom, a room for lockable storage, and four of us share a room in an open office setup. One colleague has his office in the room that also houses our 2500 volume library and computer lab. It is strange for me not to be in the library, but the arrangement is working well since I am taking on other administrative duties. We are teaching out about 15 juniors and seniors at this smaller campus. Some of our students opted to complete their degrees through Davis Online. Many have transferred to other schools. In addition, Davis College has opened a teaching site at the Word of Life Bible Institute (WOLBI) campus in Pottersville, NY. We are pursuing a shared-services agreement with WOLBI and are waiting for approval from NYSED and MSCHE to relocate Davis College to WOLBI's campus. A merger is not currently under consideration.
I met with WOLBI's librarian and IT director when details about the possible shared-services agreement and relocation started to come together. Combining libraries was going to take communication and trust, and I wanted to start early. My goals were to compare resources, get our databases and access to them on the IT director's radar, and to assure the librarian that I was not interested in his job. Taking the time to travel to see their facility for myself was a huge step in building a relationship. Their librarian and I talked for hours and came away with mutual trust and a workable plan. It turns out that WOLBI's library can accommodate about the same linear shelf feet that I was able to fit into our room at the smaller campus. Only 75 boxes of books will be making the trip north in May 2020.
I used to enjoy commiserating about students with my father-in-law, a retired professor, and I'd chuckle when he'd respond that college would be so much easier without students. It was silly then, but reality now. If everything goes according to plan, my four colleagues and I will become redundant this May, and there is a strong possibility that no one from the Johnson City campus, employees or students, will be relocating to Pottersville. Writing this has been a challenge. The facts still seem ephemeral after nearly a year of hurry-up-and-waiting, and sharing these facts with the library community exposes professional vulnerabilities: Have I done the right thing? Have I done it the best way? Have I honored my professional commitments? Have I honored my various campus constituents? I wish I could say that the guilt and shame have remained proportional to the 2.2% of the budget for which I was responsible, but they haven't.
No institution is perfect, but despite what scuttlebutt I manage to overhear when I am out and about, Davis's selling and relocating involves nothing sensational. There is no scandal. Just another small, specialized, private college doing what it takes to survive.
Big Talk From Small Libraries Conference 2020- ft. SUNY Delhi
Big Talk From Small Libraries is a free, online conference organized and hosted by Christa Porter of the Nebraska Library Commission and is co-sponsored by the Association for Rural & Small Libraries. It will be held on February 28th, 8:45am-5:00pm CT and will feature a program from librarians at SUNY Delhi. Register here.
Binghamton University Librarian Named Emerging Leader
Congratulations to Jennifer Embree, Subject Librarian for Biology and Psychology at Binghamton University Libraries for being named an American Library Association Emerging Leader for the class of 2020. Full press release here.
OhioLINK and ITHAKA S+R release white paper on the future of the ILS
"It's Not What Libraries Hold; It's Who Libraries Serve--Seeking a User-Centered Future for Academic Libraries" is the culmination of more than a year's work by OhioLink member leaders and project facilitator, Ithaka S+R. It's about academic libraries' business needs beyond the ILS.
"While great progress has been made in the shift to the cloud, we are concerned that vendor innovation is not keeping pace with the needs of libraries and their parent institutions. This paper talks about those needs and the resulting gaps."
Take Action
*We feature weekly action items that positively contribute to the library community.*'
Deadline: February 17, 2020
Civic Switchboard: Connecting Libraries and Community Information Networks is an Institute of Museum and Library Services supported effort that aims to develop the capacity of academic and public libraries in civic data ecosystems. Learn more about the project on the website.
New York Heritage Image
Ice cutting and card playing on Mirror Lake
The Erie Canal & Women's Suffrage Traveling Exhibits
"Two Hundred Years on the Erie Canal" is available for exhibit; if you are interested in hosting this exhibit the sign up link is below. The "Recognizing Women's Right to Vote in New York State" will be on display at New York Chiropractic College during the month of February.
Both exhibits also have complementary, detailed online exhibitions available.
The Director's Cup 
Cheery Friday Greetings,
Yesterday I referred to the scrlc-l listserv the New York Library Association's Advocacy Alert, detailing Governor Cuomo's FY2020-2021 Executive Budget proposal pertaining to State Library Aid.
The last four years, he has proposed cutbacks to it. As last year, he has proposed $91.6M for Library Aid, representing a $5M cut from the current year's restoration to $96.6M. He has also proposed cutting $20M from Library Construction Aid, leaving $14M. You may recall that Library Construction Aid was increased from $14M to $34M in the final hours of the 2019 legislative session.
And so the dance for funding restoration continues with a bit of new choreography.
Real People. Real Dollars. This is NYLA's named effort this year to increase use of their Advocacy Center and participation in Library Advocacy Day with the goal of increased State Library Aid to $200M; $75M for Library Construction Aid, and Equal Access to School Libraries and Librarians.
To achieve this, it is still really important to contact your legislators and leadership in Albany to voice your support for increasing library aid. Volume matters. Visit NYLA's Advocacy Center to contact them and to learn more. You will also find this year's legislative agenda/talking points there. They help to ensure that our messages are consistent. Once there, click on the "Learn this Year's Priorities" link.
In addition to contacting your legislators and the leadership in Albany, consider writing a letter to the editor. When it is published, send a copy to the Governor. Sources say he reads them.
Also join us for Library Advocacy Day in Albany. It is February 25. The public library systems sponsor buses-here is a registration link for Finger Lakes Library System's bus. Here is the link for information about Southern Tier Library System's/Four County Library System's.
Northern NY Library Network, one of the Empire State Library Network councils, is offering a free webinar on January 30 at 1 p.m. entitled Primer on Legislative Visits/How to Visit a Legislator. The presenter is Jery Huntley, who worked as Chuck Schumer's legislative director in the New York State Assembly beginning in 1978. He continued on Schumer's staff through his campaign for Congress, then became his legislative assistant for special projects. Click here to register.
Together, we can be successful. It is my hope that our combined efforts will lead to adequate funding for libraries and library systems in New York State for the benefit of our students, researchers, and lifelong learners--for all residents.
Yours in partnership,
Mary-Carol Lindbloom
Executive Director
Upcoming Events
Library Advocacy Day in Albany, 2/25
Academic Libraries 2020 | The X Factor: Enhancing the Library Experience, 4/16-17
Oswego, NY
Computers in Libraries will be held March 31st-April 2, 2020 at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City in Arlington, VA. Register here for a discounted rate through the Empire State Library Network by 2/28.
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