Nov 15, 2019
Happy Thanksgiving!
The SCRLC office will be closed Thursday and Friday, November 28th & 29th for the Thanksgiving holiday. There will be a newsletter sent on Wednesday, Nov. 27 . Have a safe and thankful holiday!
South Central Onsite Reciprocal Access (SCORA) Program
SCORA begins on January 1, 2020. Developed in conjunction with the Resource Sharing Advisory Committee and approved by the Board of Trustees, SCORA is a program designed to help serious library users obtain information at their point of need. It enables them to create a library account and check out circulating materials from participating libraries, in person. It does not replace existing reciprocal onsite agreements-it increases the opportunities for users to borrow onsite from a larger number of libraries. Relationships are between individual libraries. Sign up today!
Click here for more information about the program.
Click here to participate in it.
Click here to view Monday's SCORA webinar.
Member Libraries in the News
New Titles in our Region
Bloomville, N.Y., 1851-1871
Oxford, N.Y., 1826-1831
Cooperstown [N.Y.], 1809-1817
Dundee, Yates Co., N.Y., 1844-1???
[Elmira, N.Y.], 1854-1858
Elmira, Chemung Co., N.Y., 18??-1897
Elmira, N.Y., 1843-185?
Elmira, N.Y., 1885-1???
Elmira, N.Y., 186?-189?
Elmira, N.Y., 1858-186?
Elmira, N.Y., 185?-1881
Oneonta, N.Y., 1891-1???
Franklin, N.Y., 1857-1863
Hartwick, Otsego Co., N.Y., 1902-19??
Hobart, N.Y., 1885-19??
Cooperstown, N.Y., 1808-1809
Cooperstown, N.Y., 1893-19??
Cooperstown, N.Y., 1847-1855
Oxford, Chenango County, N.Y., 1813-1826
Elmira, N.Y., 1869-1871
Elmira, N.Y., 1874-1876
Stamford, N.Y., 1871-1874
Delhi, N.Y., 1858-186?
Elmira, N.Y., 1879-1884
Elmira, N.Y., 1881-1885
Take Action
*We feature weekly action items that positively contribute to the library community.*'
The Freedom to Read Foundation (FTRF) is a non-profit legal and educational organization affiliated with the American Library Association. FTRF protects and defends the First Amendment to the Constitution and supports the right of libraries to collect - and individuals to access - information.
The Foundation's work is divided into three primary activities:
  • The allocation and disbursement of grants to individuals and groups for the purpose of aiding them in litigation or otherwise furthering FTRF's goals;
  • Direct participation in litigation dealing with freedom of speech and of the press.
  • Education about the importance of libraries and the First Amendment to our democratic institutions. 
New York Heritage Image
Pumpkins in vines
The Erie Canal & Women's Suffrage Traveling Exhibits
"Two Hundred Years on the Erie Canal" is being hosted at Alfred University, Herrick Library and "Recognizing Women's Right to Vote in New York State" is at Corning Community College, Arthur A. Houghton, Jr. Library.
Both exhibits also have complementary, detailed online exhibitions available.
The Director's Cup 
Cheery Friday Greetings from the New York Library Association annual conference, All Libraries are Powerful: What's your story? !
All of the sessions I've attended have been exceptional. SCRLC's Jessica Philippe is the ESLN program curator--as usual, she did a great job recruiting speakers--Kristin Lahurd and Briana Jarnagin from ALA's Office for Diversity, Literacy, and Outreach Services, for the ESLN-sponsored luncheon. Their presentation, Uncovering White Privilege and Addressing Microaggressions was very well-received, as was today's ESLN program featuring Ask the Lawyer's attorney, Stephanie Cole Adams and her colleague, Sallie Randolph. They presented on the Law(s) of Managing Digital Assets.
Other programs that I attended so far include the Leadership and Management Section's Leadership program, which featured Natasha Taylor, Community Engagement Director at PhillyCAM in Philadelphia. Her name may be familiar to some of you in that she presented at the Social Justice Summit SCRLC and Binghamton University in July 2017! She gave a shout out to both our institutions. Her presentation focused on cultivating a culture of empowerment, equity, and creativity. Happy Librarian Talk Management and Morale was an interesting panel discussion comprising librarians from academic, public, and school library settings. Avoiding micromanagement, helping out your colleagues (e.g., if you notice they've had three meetings prior to their desk shift and you have time to take it), having things that everyone knows how to do, and sharing activities were a few suggestions for creating happy work environments.
I would like to see all of their programs offered in the SCRLC region!
The new State Librarian, Lauren Moore, presented a Q and A session earlier today-I have invited her for a visit to the region for the Spring and she said yes, so stay tuned!
One important aspect of NYLA is networking with our colleagues, meeting new librarians, and learning about other libraries and library organizations. Like the multitype systems, this is a place where library workers from all types of libraries/systems can network, learn, and present together-for one day or for several. If you do not attend, NYLA I hope that you'll consider it in the future. SCRLC offered scholarships this past year to attend conferences, and hopefully we can do it again! Think of NYLA, and also about becoming a member and getting involved in their various sections.
Yours in partnership,
Mary-Carol Lindbloom
Executive Director
Upcoming Events
Board of Trustees Meeting, 12/13
SAVE THE DATE- Academic Libraries 2020 | The X Factor: Enhancing the Library Experience, 4/16-17
Oswego, NY
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