May 11, 2018
Lansing Loves to Read to be Recognized
The 2018 Empire State Center for the Book Literacy Award is being presented to Lansing Loves to Read 
at the New York State Writers Hall of Fame Induction on June 5, 2018, at the Princeton Club in NYC, by Guy Lamolinara, Communications Officer at the Library of Congress Center for the Book. Lansing Loves to Read (LLTR) was conceived in 2013 by a small group of local parents who believed that their rural community could be doing more to support children's literacy. The energy and commitment of this handful of concerned parents blossomed into a widespread grassroots effort supported by many members of the community. They approached key town institutions - school district, the town board, and the local community library - creating numerous reciprocal partnerships. Lansing Loves to Read embodies the spirit and perfectly fits the criteria of the Literacy Award. Congratulations!
Auburn Librarian's Meetup
If you are in the Auburn area on Thursday May 17th at 6:30pm, join the inaugural Auburn Librarian's Meetup at Wild's Eats and Sweets on Genesee Street in Auburn for pizza and frozen yoghurt.
Active & Engaged Libraries Google Group
Join the SCRLC Active & Engaged Special Interest Group by joining this Google Forum. Learn about how libraries are getting active & engaged in issues of diversity, equity and inclusion, share your own projects and activities, and suggest ideas for workshops and webinars.
Results of the 2018 Educational Services Survey
We had 81 respondents versus 150 in 2016, but still a strong turnout. Last time it was majority public, this time it was majority academic respondents. If your BOCES (TST, BT, DCMO, GST, CO, ONC) or Public Library System (4CLS, FLLS, STLS) are SCRLC members, then you are SCRLC members! Based on years of experience, there are some newer people in the field this time around. The majority of respondents attend 1-5 workshops/webinars a year and many have a set budget so they are very particular about what they attend. Free webinars are preferable. Respondents have a greater preference for in–person workshops now than in 2016 although webinars are still popular. Facebook is the most used social media platform, although many have quit the platform in the last month or so. 70% are interested in pre and post session reading and we will work on incorporating this into our workshops and webinars. There were some great suggestions for events and we will take them all under consideration. Library Futures was the most popular topic. Community Outreach was also something that came up in the suggestions that doesn't fall under other categories. Thank you for the valuable feedback!
Take Action
In the spirit of #LibrariesRespondwe feature weekly action items that positively contribute to the library community amidst natural disasters, drug epidemics, political unrest and hate crimes.
  • This topic was also a presentation at the Active & Engaged Libraries Program: All Gender Restrooms | Upstate Medical University
  • SCRLC is working on updating our bathroom signage, so stay tuned!
New York Heritage Image
Group of children in a hammock, Garrison, NY, 1900
May Focus: Reference & Instruction
"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go." -Dr. Seuss
The Design for Learning Program is still available for free here on WebJunction!
The Director's Cup 
Cheery Friday Greetings,
This past week has been busy as usual for SCRLC. Among the week's meetings were the Board of Trustee's Executive Committee and the Awareness & Advocacy Advisory Committee.
The Executive Committee met ahead of the May 18 Board meeting to review the current budget and the proposed 2018-2019 one, to approve a new safe deposit box (a bank requirement), to address Board composition (we still need two non-librarian Board representatives), and to discuss my evaluation. The 2018-2019 budget includes changes to SCRLC services. As you know, we have been looking carefully at the electronic resources and had surveyed governing members. The Advisory Committee on Information Services and Technology discussed the results at their April meeting and recommended to the Board the elimination of OmniFile due to overlap with Academic and General One Files, which are freely available to all NYS libraries/systems through NOVELny. I will let everyone know the outcome.
Note that advisory committee meeting minutes/notes are generally posted after the members have had a chance to review. Click here for a list of the committees; click on individual committees for their minutes, activities, roles, etc.
Thursday's Awareness & Advocacy Committee notes are under review. One item discussed was the September 14 Legislative Breakfast, which will be an opportunity to thank the region's NYS legislators. It will be held at Tompkins County Public Library. We need representation from libraries/systems of all types, so please circle the date on your calendar and plan to attend. Also discussed was the upcoming Subcommittee on Social Justice/Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion meeting to be held on June 11. Let me know if you are interested in joining this group or any of the other advisory committees.
Next week I will be reporting on the outcome of the Board meeting, which will be held at Houghton College beginning at 9:30. Members are always welcome to attend.
Yours in partnership,
Mary-Carol Lindbloom
Executive Director
Upcoming Events
Auburn Librarian's Meetup at Wild's Eats and Sweets, 5/17
Board of Trustees Meeting, 5/18
Board of Trustees Meeting, 6/15
SAVE THE DATE for Illuminated: Resource Sharing Workshop, 9/25 @SUNY Cortland
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