Nov 10, 2017
SCRLC and the Empire State Library Network at NYLA 2017
The ESLN booth at NYLA with banners for NY Heritage, NYS Historic Newspapers, AskUs 24/7 and the Empire Archival Discovery Cooperative.
Jessamyn West talking about Innovation & Disruption in Libraries for her ESLN-sponsored program. Links to slides & resources here.
The ESLN booth also has a map of all the councils and scratch off tickets to raise money for NYLA's Disaster Relief Fund.
A panel discussion on the Design for Learning program available now for free on WebJunction.
Sign up to Host SCRLC's Erie Canal and Women's Suffrage Traveling Exhibits--No Cost for Members
Two new traveling exhibits are making their way around the South Central New York Region. "Two Hundred Years on the Erie Canal" was developed by the Western New York Library Resources Council, with grant funding from Humanities New York, to celebrate the Bicentennial groundbreaking of the Erie Canal in New York State. The exhibit is currently at the New York Chiropractic College until November 17.
"Recognizing Women's Right to Vote in New York State" celebrates a hundred years of women having the right to vote in New York State, and was also developed with grant support from Humanities New York by the South Central Regional Library Council. The traveling exhibit will explore different aspects of the Women's Suffrage movement in New York, from precolonial times until the New York State referendum in 1917 and the 19th Amendment in 1920. The Seneca Falls Historical Society is currently hosting the exhibit until November 17, and then it will move to Wells College and the Seneca Falls Library.
Both exhibits will also launch a detailed online exhibition (featuring New York Heritage and DPLA images), available at later this year.
If your organization is interested in hosting either or both exhibits, please contact Julia Corrice at for more information, or sign up at
Libraries Respond
In the spirit of #LibrariesRespond, we will feature weekly action items that positively contribute to the library community amidst natural disasters, drug epidemics, political unrest and hate crimes.
"The NYLA Disaster Relief Fund provides financial assistance to libraries in New York that have been damaged or destroyed by natural or man-made disasters like flooding, hurricanes, fire, etc. Your donation will go toward repairing a library building, replacing destroyed items in the collection, and more!
In recent months, our nation has been pummeled by multiple major hurricanes, leaving behind devastation in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico. As a demonstration of our solidarity with libraries throughout the country, all donations to the Disaster Relief Fund between now and November 30, will be equally distributed to the Texas, Florida and ALA Disaster Relief Funds (The ALA fund is the best means of support for Puerto Rico's libraries)."
New York Heritage Image
Saratoga Springs, Broadway, 1920
November Focus: Resource Sharing
"The miracle is this: The more we share, the more we have." -Leonard Nimoy
The Director's Cup 
Good day!
Ginger, Jessica, Julia, and I are back from the New York Library Association's Annual Conference in Saratoga Springs.
Kudos to Jessica, who serves as the ESLN NYLA programmer, for bringing in Jessamyn West, Harvard University, whose presentation, Innovation and Disruption in Libraries, was very well-received.
As always, there were multiple sessions in every time slot I wish I could have attended. Roger Schonfeld's (Ithaka S+R) presentation, The Academic Library's Role in a Time of Educational Transformation, was excellent. Thinking outside the library to fit in to existing workflows of other departments (particularly science) will be key for some. How does the library engage with the onslaught of tools that have been traditionally outside the normal purview of our programs and services?-needs to be a continuing discussion. 
Mike Furlough, executive director of HathiTrust presented Big Questions, Big Data and HathiTrust. His talk dovetailed with Roger's. There are many learning opportunities for the academic and special library community outside NYLA, but these two presentations alone would have been worth spending at least a day at NYLA. The Academic and Special Libraries Section folks do a great job with programming sessions specifically for academics and specials.
The final program that I attended at NYLA was Inclusive Library versus a Diverse Library, which provided some great sources and approaches to ensuring a respectful and diverse collection that places readers in the story. The focus was on children's and young adult literature; the handouts included selection guidelines that are appropriate for materials ranging from pre-school to adult.
SCRLC had one final presentation for Design for Learning: 21st Century Online Teaching and Learning Skills for Library Workers. It was sponsored by the NY Black Librarians' Caucus. A reminder that all the modules are freely available to the library community through WebJunction. Arden Kirkland, Project Coordinator, and program alumni Anthony Bishop, Jai Blackburn, and Kathy Smith did an excellent job of presenting the program.
In the month that we celebrate resource sharing, in the wider definition of "resource sharing" NYLA is a great opportunity to network and learn with and from our colleagues from New York State and beyond. Next year's conference is even closer to a good portion of the SCRLC region, in Rochester. I hope to see you there! In the meantime we'll see what we can do about perhaps bringing some of the presentations to you in webinar format. If you look through the NYLA program and see anything that you wish we could offer, let Jessica know!
Yours in partnership,
Upcoming Events
Advisory Committee on Information Technology & Services, 11/14
HLSP Advisory Committee, 11/15
Advisory Committee on Information Technology & Services, 12/4
Educational Services Advisory Committee, 12/5
Board of Trustees Meeting, 12/16, 9:30am, SCRLC Office
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