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Leadership Changes at Your Home Public Library, Johnson City
The Your Home Public Library Board and staff would like to thank Andrea Tillinghast for her leadership and hard work these last three years as Director. Her hard work and dedication to the YHPL has put us well on the path to making sure that we will be able to serve the community for another century. We wish her and her partner, April, the happiest of times and the best of luck as they relocate to Delaware, where Andrea will lead the Lewes Public Library.

The YHPL Board would also like to extend a thank you to Natissa Enright, who will be serving as our Interim Director.

2017 National Library Legislative Day  
Registration for National Library Legislative Day (NLLD) is open. You can find out more about NLLD by clicking here. For information about the schedule of events click here.

NLLD Briefings take place at The Liaison, you can register here. Here is a link to hotels that are either in Washington DC or in nearby Virginia with ready access to the Metro which comes into Union Station, not far from The Liaison and the legislative office buildings.

NLLD is an opportunity for us to learn more about the Administration and its policy concerns related to support for the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA), intellectual freedom, privacy, copyright, net neutrality and many other issues that are important to librarians, library users and the general public.               
New York Heritage Image
Albany, New York, Blizzard of March 1888
March Focus: Library Spaces & Sustainability
"We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us."  -Winston Churchill

EBSCO Solar Grant
As a business, we believe being environmentally responsible is the right thing to do. As a library vendor, we encourage libraries to examine their environmental footprint, and we want to help so we want you to go green...on us.
Applications will be accepted until April 28th with the winners announced online and at ALA-Annual on June 23th.

Certifiably Sustainable - A Clear Path Forward For Your Library
A free webinar from the New York Library Association Sustainability Initiative
Wednesday, March 22, 10:00-11:00am
with Jill Davis, Director, Hendrick Hudson Free Library & Dani Glaser,creator and Co-Director of Westchester Green Business
Facilitator: Rebekkah Smith Aldrich, co-chair, New York Library Association Sustainability Initiative Committee & Coordinator for Library Sustainability for the Mid-Hudson Library System
The Director's Cup 
Good day!

I hope this message finds you dug out from Stella the Storm and catching up! The icy, windy, snowy week added to the bleakness of the library aid-related news from Albany and D.C.

First, we learned that the State Senate's one-house budget includes the $4M restoration to library aid and an additional $4M, for a total of $8M (plus more money for library construction). That part is encouraging--it would raise library aid to $99.6M statewide--still short of the full funding level of $102.6M (2007 level), but progress nonetheless. On the other hand, the Assembly's one-house budget included only the basic $4M restoration, which is still a cutback since the CPI has risen and along with it increases in electronic resource fees, rent, health insurance, etc.

Then, on the heels of the one-house State budgets was the president's budget, targeting the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) for elimination. IMLS provides LSTA funding to the States, which is crucial to the functioning of the New York State Library and such programs as NOVELny electronic resources and early/adult literacy programs. As with the Governor's initial budget proposal, this is not a done deal, but very worrisome all the same.

We've been advocating for months and in this marathon season of writing letters and making phone calls, we're on the home stretch!  Here is what we must do over the next few days:
  • Contact your state senators to thank them for their support, including Senator Seward who represents many libraries in our region, serves on the Senate's Libraries committee, and is a true champion.
  • Contact your assemblyperson to thank them for their support and encourage them to work with their colleagues to approve the $8M library aid line included in the Senate's proposed budget. Assemblyman Palmesano serves on the Libraries and Education Technology Committee.
  • NYLA's Advocacy Center has additional information regarding NYS Library Aid.
  • Contact your federal senator and representative to express your concern over the de-funding of IMLS. Personal stories about how LSTA-funded programs have helped your community are great to include.
Has your library or museum had an IMLS grant funded within the last five years? If yes, SCRLC would like to know! Please send us the name of program (e.g., Laura Bush, Sparks, National Leadership, etc.), $$ amount, date/period of time, and the title of your award. IMLS has a database of past awards, but it is difficult to pull this type of data. Send this information to Diane Capalongo at  This will help us to locally and regionally demonstrate to our representatives the economic impact of IMLS to the communities they serve. 

Thank you for your continuing library advocacy effort!
Yours in partnership, 
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