Feb 10, 2017
RBDB Grants Available - Apply Now
South Central Regional Library Council's (SCRLC) Board of Trustees has approved $20,000 to fund information technology projects under the auspices of the 2017 Regional Bibliographic Databases & Interlibrary Resources Sharing (RBDB) Program. 
SCRLC members are encouraged to submit applications for creative projects that benefit the region. Download the application packet from SCRLC's website here. The application packet includes a list of fundable categories. To see recently funded RBDB projects, review the final reports from previous years.
Applications must be completed and submitted electronically to the SCRLC office by February 17, 2017.
Contact Julia Corrice at or 607-273-9106 ext. 202 for questions.

Bus to Albany for Advocacy Day 
Finger Lakes Library System will be making their yearly visit to Albany on Wednesday, March 1st to meet to with legislators in person about prioritizing Library Aid in this year's budget. If you are able to attend, please join us! It is critically important that we show up to convince them that libraries are education, and the more people we have, the stronger our message will be. As always, FLLS will provide free transportation and will prepare everyone with talking points and other useful data and tips. It's a great opportunity to build a lasting relationship with your representatives.
Please pass the word to staff, trustees, volunteers, and patrons. In order for us to reserve the correct size bus, please let us know as soon as possible, and no later than Friday, February 24th. Sign up here.

Details for the FLLS Bus to Library Advocacy Day
Pickup Schedule
6:00 AM: ITHACA, Wegmans Parking Lot
6:15 AM: DRYDEN, Southworth Library
6:30 AM: CORTLAND, P&C Fresh Parking Lot
Important Points
  • You must bring a photo ID if you are 16+! We'll be going through metal detectors and bags will go through an x-ray machine.
  • We will provide snacks and water on the bus, but lunch is on your own. You're welcome to bring your lunch or get something in one of the cafeterias.
  • Talking points, etc. will be provided on the bus. Please bring business cards if you have them, as they will save you time when signing into meetings.
Many, many thanks for donating your time to join us! It is so important for your legislators to meet you in person, and it goes a long way in convincing them that libraries matter!
Questions? Email Kristi Downham, FLLS State Programs Coordinator, or call 607-273-4074 x228
How Americans Encounter, Recall and Act Upon Digital News
"When following links, online news consumers could recall the name of the news outlet 56% of the time..."
Read the full Pew Research Center Report here.

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Valentine's Day Decorations
February Focus: Advocacy & Diversity
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." -Margaret Mead
Take this course: Managing Diversity 
"Learn how to build an inclusive workplace that celebrates diversity and inclusion" 
(Any member organization staff can use To request access, contact Jessica Philippe.)
Watch The Miseducation of Dylann Roof a chilling 5-minute YouTube video from the Southern Poverty Law Center on the dangers of Google's algorithims)
The Director's Cup 
Good Friday Afternoon, 

The Social Justice/Diversity program planners had a productive meeting this morning. We are still firming up a date for the one-day event from July to early August. The conference has been re-imagined as a summit to signify the level of involvement and commitment of attendees and the work and opportunities that will grow out of it. The tracks envisioned are: 1) Cultural competency, diversity, equity, and inclusion; 2) Activism in libraries. The working title is Social Justice: The Power of Critical Librarianship. There will be a closing session with a facilitator to help participants engage in next steps.
The developing outcomes include that participants:
  • Can confidently explain why they support social justice causes and articulate that to their communities and stakeholders.
  • Are aware of diversity issues both for patrons/users/members and hiring practices.
  • Know best practices for directly serving and including diverse populations.
  • Support a diverse workforce and learn methods to encourage hiring practices for diversity and inclusion.
  • Have the option to be involved in a regional project.
This summit is intended for librarians and library directors across library type.
Documents that have been informing our discussions include the ACRL standard for academic libraries: Diversity Standards: Cultural Competency for Academic Libraries (2012)
and the Oregon Library Association's Standards for Public Libraries (2015). See page 9 for Diversity standards.
Do you have a social justice or diversity resource or toolkit that you have found useful? If yes, please send a link or citation to Jessica Philippe.

Yours in partnership, 
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