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 Bibliographic and Referral Center (BARC)

What is BARC and Why Should I Use It?

BARC is a clearinghouse for regional interlibrary loan requests, and has been in place since SCRLC's incorporation in 1967. As of January 2016, Tompkins Cortland Community College contracts with SCRLC to provide BARC service for SCRLC members. The purpose of BARC service is to provide both ILL support and ILL backup to libraries that need access to electronic interlibrary loan tools (e.g., ILLiad), or need access to other borrowing and lending networks, including WorldShare and DOCLINE for both returnable items (e.g. books) as well as copies of articles or book chapters. SCRLC members are expected to exhaust their library system and other available locations prior to sending requests to BARC.


What Will BARC Do for My Library?

BARC will:

  • Send requests on behalf of your library or library system both within and beyond the SCRLC region.
  • Search for correct bibliographic records and items to borrow using a variety of electronic resources.
  • Place an interlibrary loan request within 24 hours (in most cases).

How Do I Get Started with BARC?

  1. It all starts with an interlibrary loan request you have and need a way to fill efficiently. Either you don't have the tools, or you've exhausted your library system or regional contacts.
  2. The next step is to simply fill out a request form, supplying as much information as possible.
  3. And then follow the rules of the service listed below.
  4. Ready to get started? Go to TC3's interlibrary loan libguide to file your request now.

What are the BARC Guidelines of Service?


BARC operates on agreed upon trust, consideration, and respect for fellow members. BARC should not be used as a replacement or substitute for a library's existing interlibrary loan service.


BARC expects all libraries and library systems to:

  • Submit request forms with as complete information as possible.
  • Exhaust their local or regional resources first, if they are known. Contact your library system office or review the library membership map.
  • Adhere to copyright regulations. (need a link here)
  • Remit any charges incurred (e.g., shipping, lending fees).

Is There a Charge to Use BARC?


Member libraries can make a certain number of free requests. Additional requests carry a per-request fee. Please see the fee schedule below.


How Do I Pay for BARC?


SCRLC will bill your library or library system every quarter. Libraries may also set up a deposit account with SCRLC and deposit funds to cover ongoing request fees.


BARC Fee Structure (July-June)

(effective July 2017)

Organization Type

Requests (filled or unfilled)

Fee Charged 1

Single Library





$5.00 each




Library System or System Affiliate*





$5.00 each


*Requests from public or school libraries belonging to a system are added to that system's total volume.


1 Charges listed above do not include additional cost of shipping or fees for lending that may be incurred by the borrowing library or library system.


What is the SCRLC Union List of Serials (ULS)?

  • BARC also provides SCRLC a Union List of Serials via OCLC for member libraries that that don't have full access to OCLC. OCLC support includes holdings updates, title changes, and deletions of local data records.
  • As a member library, and for the benefit of others, you are encouraged to keep your local holding for serials up to date in the union list. You can do this through BARC, which will accept single updates or your library's entire list. BARC provides this service free of charge.

The BARC Guidelines and information provided on this page were approved by the SCRLC Board of Trustees on July 12, 2019. The cost structure was approved by the SCRLC Membership on October 21, 2016.


Have Questions About BARC?


Contact Mary-Carol Lindbloom at 607-273-9106 ext.201.

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