Traveling Exhibits

Erie Canal Bicentennial Exhibition

"Two Hundred Years on the Erie Canal" was developed by the Western New York Library Resources Council, with grant funding from Humanities New York, to celebrate the Bicentennial groundbreaking of the Erie Canal in New York State.

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Women's Suffrage Centennial Exhibition

"Recognizing Women's Right to Vote in New York State" celebrates a hundred years of women having the right to vote in New York State, and was also developed with grant support from Humanities New York by the South Central Regional Library Council. The traveling exhibit explores different aspects of the Women's Suffrage movement in New York, from pre-colonial times until the New York State referendum in 1917 and the 19th Amendment in 1920.

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Both exhibits also have complementary, detailed online exhibitions available.

The Erie Canal exhibit is available at

The Women's Suffrage Centennial Exhibit is available at


Contact Diane Capalongo for more information.

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