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 Tree Selection and Care in a Changing Landscape

Tree Selection and Care in a Changing Landscape2:00PM-3:00PM April 9th, 2024


Join us as Dr. Walt Aikman helps us think about selecting and caring for trees as our climate warms and invasive species challenge the sustainability of our yards, our parks, and our communities.  

Of course, he'll have some recommendations for tree books as well!


After this program, you will:

Understand the importance of trees in our communities
Understand the impact of invasive species on our local ecosystems
Know how to get involved locally, and have ideas for passive and active programs at your library.

Walt Aikman.pngWalt Aikman, PhD, is a community forester and an ISA Certified Arborist, working to provide forest conservation services to landowners and municipalities. A local, Walt grew up in Syracuse and has hiked, climbed, and paddled in many beautiful wilderness areas in the U.S. Overseas, he’s tracked down his ancestral roots in Scotland, explored remnants of wild forests in Southern Africa, and has maintained a long-held fascination with the Caribbean. Walt and his wife, Cynthia, are currently completing a timber-framed barn in Sterling; where they hope to retire one day  in a green building they’ve built from locally available natural materials. 


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