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 Raven Steals the Sun: Native American Eclipse Stories

Raven Steals the Sun: Native American Eclipse Stories10:00AM-11:00AM March 25th, 2024


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Storyteller Perry Ground (Turtle Clan, Onondaga Nation) brings Native American Sun and Eclipse legends to life in this engaging and interactive presentation for all ages.

Tribes across North America have stories to explain these solar events and view them in many different ways – as a signal or a transformation, as omens, as sacred, and as a celebration. Through this story-filled presentation, learn about the beliefs, traditions, and protocols of several Native American tribes related to Sun and Eclipse events. From the Cherokee to the Navajo to the Inuit to the Haudenosaunee (and many other tribes), these traditional legends have been told for hundreds of years and continue to be important to Native American culture today. A brief understanding of each tribe’s location and environment will be shared in addition to the stories. 

Storyteller Perry Ground will bring the stories to life through vivid descriptions, his rhythmic voice and a VERY active stage presence. These stories become ‘interactive’ as Perry is known to include audience members in the stories. Not just for children, all listeners (young and old), will find this presentation captivating, highly entertaining yet very educational.

Audience: Library staff, educators, and the general public are invited and CTLE certificates are available.

This program is part of SCRLC's Moon Mondays: Get Ready for the Great 2024 Total Eclipse, which is supported in part by the American Astronomical Society's Jay M. Pasachoff Solar Eclipse Mini-Grants Program.

This program will not be recorded.

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