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 Eclipse Soundscapes & Dark Skies

Eclipse Soundscapes & Dark Skies3:00PM-4:00PM March 4th, 2024

The Eclipse Soundscapes Project is a NASA Science Activation-funded project focused on the following science question: How does life on Earth, specifically wildlife, respond to eclipses? Participants will document changes in animal behavior and sounds during the eclipse. There are multiple ways to participate and earn certificates: learn, observe, collect data, and analyze data.

Then we will hear from a longtime member and Area Director of Dark Skies International, which works to restore the nighttime environment and protects communities from the harmful effects of light pollution through outreach, advocacy, and conservation. Dark skies are also a key to enjoying the eclipse.

Audience: All library staff and science educators are welcome and CTLE certificates are available.


Henry Winter.jpgDr. Henry “Trae” Winter III, is the Chief Scientist and Co-Founder of the ARISA Lab. Dr. Winter has worked on eight NASA missions observing the Sun. His primary research focus is improving computer simulations to explore how energy is released in the Sun’s atmosphere, known as the “corona,” and how this happens in other stars. Dr. Winter has designed video wall exhibits for the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, the National Air and Space Museum, North Carolina State University’s Hunt Library, and the Harvard Art Museums’ Lightbox Gallery.

Charles Fulco.pngCharles Fulco is a high school science teacher/astronomy club facilitator at The Brooklyn Friends School in NYC and a NASA-JPL Solar System Ambassador, providing science literacy outreach to primary and secondary schools, universities and other learning organizations. He is the American Astronomical Society 2024 Solar Eclipse Education Coordinator, traveling to selected districts across the U.S. to prepare students, teachers and administrators for the upcoming eclipse. And he is also the creator of No Child Left Inside!, a program to ensure that every student gets to experience the solar eclipse outdoors.


This program is part of SCRLC's Moon Mondays: Get Ready for the Great 2024 Total Eclipse, which is supported in part by the American Astronomical Society's Jay M. Pasachoff Solar Eclipse Mini-Grants Program.

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