Digitization Advisory Committee


The Digitization Advisory Committee advises the South Central Regional Library Council on the planning, implementation, management, and funding of the regional digitizing program, as well as its participation in the statewide New York Heritage program. The regional and statewide digitization efforts are primarily concerned with access.


Statement on Open Metadata

As SCRLC and its members strive to produce factual metadata, we believe this is made stronger by a library's ability to effectively use, re-use, adapt, aggregate, and share the bibliographic, descriptive, and any other metadata created during the information life cycle.



1. Recommend policies to the Board of Trustees regarding the digitization program.
2. Review short and long-term goals associated with the New York Heritage program and SCRLC's participation.
3. Ensures the collection development policy for the digitization program is up-to-date.
4. Evaluate and suggest digitizing training programs and continuing education programs.
5. Publicizes and markets New York Heritage within their libraries and cultural organizations and to prospective members.


2022-2023 Activities

  • Offer at least one continuing education event about inclusive metadata
  • Add at least one new collection representing historically oppressed and marginalized peoples and perspectives
  • Identify potential new members and reach out to them for collection digitization
  • Create a LibGuide about inclusive metadata practices
  • Add new NYH collections to the Digital Dark Archives
  • Add other (external) local history digital projects to HistoryUnbound

2021-2022 Activities

  • Add at least one new collection representing historically oppressed and marginalized peoples and perspectives
  • Add at least one data set
  • Form a Special Interest Group on inclusive descriptive metadata practices
  • Add up to 5 GB of NYH materials per institution to the Digital Dark Archives as part of a digital preservation solution
  • Identify potential new members and reach out to them for collection digitization
  • Identify existing gaps in representation in New York Heritage Digital Collections and New York State Historic Newspapers
  • Update the History Unbound LibGuide


2020-2021 Activities

  • Update NYH collections with the standardized Rights Statements
  • Analyze the results of the Digital Preservation survey to identify needs
  • Identify digitization training and equipment needs in the SCRLC region
  • Explore and identify collections in the region that would be assets to NYH
  • Assist in implementing the new Empire ADC in the SCRLC region
  • Plan for an online users group meeting for early 2021
  • Provide support for current and future NYH exhibits
  • Set up protocols for the implementation of and promote the use of SCRLC digitization equipment


2019-2020 Activities

  • Assist with standardized Rights Statements implementation in New York Heritage.
  • Explore regional digital preservation needs and possible services through assessment survey.
  • Work with SCRLC to conduct assessment to identify regional digitization needs.
  • Explore opportunities for regional collaborative digitization projects.
  • Assist in supporting goals of NYH, ESDN, and DPLA.
  • Assist in supporting implementation of EADC in SCRLC region.
  • Assist in developing a New York Heritage Users Group (SIG).
  • Provide support for current and future traveling/online exhibits.




Term Start


Julia Corrice

Cornell University, Chair



John Hosford

Alfred University



Erika Jenns

Southern Tier Library System



Erin Rushton

Binghamton University



Maggie Young

Steele Memorial Library



Claire Lovell, ex officio



Mary-Carol Lindbloom, ex officio





Meeting Minutes


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August 2
March 8 Minutes




December 14 Minutes
September 14 Minutes
July 13 Minutes
March 9 Minutes




December 8 Minutes
October 15 Minutes
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