Designing for the Future: The Post-Pandemic Library

May 13, 2021, 10:00 am - 11:30 am


What will patrons expect from their libraries after the pandemic? How will a year or more of social distancing and self-isolation impact the way people interact with - and within - their libraries? How should library leaders plan for renovations and modifications in the wake of the pandemic? How can designed flexibility help libraries adapt to a rapidly changing world? This free webinar addresses these important questions. 


Please join David Vinjamuri, an NYU Adjunct Associate Professor of Marketing and author of "Library Space Planning: A PLA Guide," for an insightful discussion and Q&A session on the future of libraries and how you can prepare yourself and your staff for the changes ahead.

David is a passionate advocate for public libraries and has audited over forty libraries for space design efficiency in the past three years. He co-authored the Medium piece, Designing for the Future--The Post-Pandemic Library and most recently authored, How Libraries* Can Save Democracy, also for Medium.


Topics covered:

Personal space post-pandemic
Curbside forever? - The crisis of rising expectations
Reengaging communities post-pandemic.
Flexibility as a design feature.
Libraries as a civic hub.



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