Nov 27, 2019
Happy Thanksgiving!
The SCRLC office will be closed Thursday and Friday, November 28th & 29th for the Thanksgiving holiday. Have a safe and thankful holiday!
Opportunities to Present
Are you looking for opportunities to present at local conferences?
  • The call for proposals for the upcoming Academic Libraries Conference is open until Feb. 28th. Submit a proposal on anything to do with user experience (web design, space design, service design, etc.) The conference is April 16 & 17 in Oswego.
  • It's already time to submit proposals for NYLA 2020! Deadline is Jan. 31st.
  • We will be hosting a summit at Binghamton University on all aspects of accessibility this coming July. Keep an eye out for the call for proposals for that as well.
Take Action
*We feature weekly action items that positively contribute to the library community.*'
Here are the slides from the ESLN luncheon at NYLA on Uncovering Privilege and Addressing Microaggressions from the staff at ALA's Office for Diversity, Literacy and Outreach. Links to helpful video resources within.
New York Heritage Image
Thanksgiving at the Shinnecock Reservation, 1953
The Erie Canal & Women's Suffrage Traveling Exhibits
"Two Hundred Years on the Erie Canal" is being hosted at Alfred University, Herrick Library until mid December and is available for hosting after that. The "Recognizing Women's Right to Vote in New York State" is on display at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira until December 19th.
Both exhibits also have complementary, detailed online exhibitions available.
The Director's Cup 
Cheery Holiday Greetings!
It has been a busy couple of weeks for the SCRLC team. Here are a few highlights:
  • Jessica and the Educational Services Advisory Committee have been planning the next year's learning opportunities and are working on the next educational services needs assessment. There is still room in the upcoming workshop on December 6, Supervisory Skills and Situational Leadership, which will be facilitated by Kirby Edmonds. The workshop is "based on the situational leadership model that addresses when and how to use four different leadership styles: directing, coaching, supporting and delegating." Library workers can lead from wherever they are in their organizations and will find this program very helpful. It is open to everyone-SCRLC members and Empire State Library Network libraries/organizations as well. It is free to SCRLC Board and Advisory Committee members. I hope to see you there!
  • Another date to add to your calendar: Tuesday, February 25, 2020-Library Advocacy Day in Albany. The full funding level for state library aid is $102.6M-we're at $96.6M and have been for the past couple of years. The last time libraries/systems received full funding was in 2007-2008. One of three NYLA legislative priorities is to fund libraries/systems at $200M-because that is what libraries/systems collectively need in order to meet the needs of our communities (town, hospital, school, college, museum, etc.). There is also a $75M ask for construction and a recommendation to have school librarians staffing every school library across the state.
  • Danna and I have been working on a budget amendment to present to the Board's Executive Committee and Finance & Audit Committee ahead of the December 13 Board meeting. 
  • The Board's Executive Committee is meeting as soon as we get back from the Thanksgiving holiday to consider the proposals for the next Bibliographic & Referral Center contract and the budget amendment. The Finance & Audit Committee is also meeting to review the budget amendment and our annual audit.
  • I provided some orientation for our new Board members, Kristin Dade (lay/non-librarian seat, Cornell University) and Marge Kappanadze (at-large seat, Elmira College).
  • The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Advisory Committee has been finalizing the DEI Plan, which will be sent to the Board in December.
  • Julia and I met with the outside grant applications review panel, which recommends funding and levels for the technology and digitization applications received. The panel is comprised of experts from around the state but outside the SCRLC region. The Board has the final say; we'll announce the recipients after the December 13 meeting.
  • If you have an Electronic Fund Transfer System (EFTS) account with the University of Connecticut and receive Medical Information Services Program (MISP) money from SCRLC, Molly has been in touch with you. For everyone else--briefly, UCONN can no longer operate the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM) EFTS program that libraries-primarily health/hospital/medical ones--use to pay DOCLINE interlibrary loan requests that incur a fee. The Medical Library Association is determining if they can take it over-they need 750 libraries to commit. As this goes to press, they're at 641 (85%). January 10 is the cut off to reach their target-we're optimistic that this will happen.
  • Speaking of MISP, MISP funds are available to all SCRLC members for health/medical-related interlibrary loan materials. If you have a large volume of health/medical interlibrary loans and use DOCLINE (if not, think about it!), it's best to set up an EFTS account. If you occasionally need health/medical ILL materials that incur charges, you can send the invoice to SCRLC to pay. Here is more information about MISP.
  • Diane has been delivering the Erie Canal and Women's Suffrage exhibits around the region-a reminder that you can register to host one or both of the exhibits-see the Traveling Exhibits item immediately above this column.
  • I'll end this edition with an apology and correction from my last Director's Cup, having provided an incorrect name. Our colleague in Philadelphia is Nasha Taylor, Community Engagement Director at PhillyCAM. Do check out her organization--it is pretty awesome!
Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday.
Yours in partnership,
Mary-Carol Lindbloom
Executive Director
Upcoming Events
Board of Trustees Meeting, 12/13
Educational Services Advisory Committee, 1/16
Library Advocacy Day in Albany, 2/25
SAVE THE DATE- Academic Libraries 2020 | The X Factor: Enhancing the Library Experience, 4/16-17
Oswego, NY
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