Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


To develop and promote a diverse workforce within libraries, foster DEI in library policies, practices, programming, and services, and promote, support, sponsor and celebrate DEI within and between libraries and their communities. A central mission of the advisory committee is to educate and support library staff and community partners in understanding that DEI work is everyone's responsibility in creating a welcoming and supportive environment. The advisory committee acknowledges that DEI work can at times be uncomfortable, and trusts that all SCRLC members are here to learn, and commit to help one another and our colleagues in that learning process. The creation and maintenance of a safe space for a diverse and multicultural community of respectful persons is essential to the educational mission of libraries.



  • Assist with assessing Library policies and practices through a DEI lens to identify systems and structures that may impede DEI efforts, and to identify potential DEI needs and projects.
  • Provide leadership through sharing information on DEI Advisory Committee initiatives and programs with SCRLC members.
  • Help create an inclusive and equitable work environment in which all personnel are able to develop to their full potential.
  • Address proactively the fair and equal treatment of Library personnel.

2020-2021 Activities

  • Ensure that DEI is incorporated into the 5-year Plan of Service. 
  • Revise the DEI Plan to include more specific targets for the Elements (programs and services).
  • Update the DEI LibGuide.
  • Review the Code of Conduct policy; revise if necessary.
  • Develop a land acknowledgement and template that is approved by the Cayuga Nation; determine for which meetings and events it will be used; include it on the website.
  • Support regional DEI efforts and initiatives.
  • Complete the DEI Self-Assessment.
  • Offer programming and events.






Nancy Abashian Binghamton University 2018 abashian@binghamton.edu
Sarah Glogowski Finger Lakes Library System 2016 sglogowski@flls.org
Beth Hylen Corning Museum of Glass 2019 ehylen@stny.rr.com
Virgilio Pinto Ithaca College 2020 vpinto@ithaca.edu 
Mechele Romanchock NYS College of Ceramics @ Alfred 2017 romanchockm@alfred.edu
Lucy Yang Tompkins Cortland Community College 2021 YangL@tompkinscortland.edu
 Mary-Carol Lindbloom, ex officio SCRLC   mclindbloom@scrlc.org
 Jessica Philippe, ex officio SCRLC   jphilippe@scrlc.org



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