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Special Interest Groups

SCRLC Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are informal groups that come together around a common interest, issue, or challenge. In the past, SIGs have provided networking and educational opportunities, and hosted gatherings (both large and small).

SIGs may be as simple as a listserv for posting messages or might include virtual or face-to-face meetings and workshops. They can exist for a brief period (to support a political action) or they may serve their members over many years of activities.

Current Special Interest Groups include

  • Healthcare SIG - hospital and health-related library staff (Hosplib-L)
  • Career Development SIG - helping all librarians achieve their professional goals
  • Distance Learning SIG - networking and education for librarians who provide instruction and services to students online
  • Information Literacies SIG- a forum for teaching librarians to network and update their knowledge
  • Library Assistants SIG -professional education and networking opportunities for library assistants, technicians, clerks, etc. (Libassist-L)
  • Nursing School Library SIG – updates and communication for nursing school support librarians (Nursinglib-L)
  • Resource Sharing SIG - Interlibrary Loan, document delivery, and access services staff   (Resource-L)
  • Solo SIG - solo librarians and library managers

Gatherings of the SIGs (whether online or in-person) are announced in the Weekly Newsletter, on the website, and through SCLRC's email lists.

If you have a question or an idea for creating a SIG, please email Jessica Brooks Philippe.

If you would like to join one of the listservs, contact Diane Capalongo.

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